Moon - Gemini 7

Clouds over the Western Pacific and the full Moon seen from Earth

Gemini 7 photograph of the full Moon and clouds over the Western Pacific Ocean. The view is to the west, taken at local morning while the Moon was setting. Trade-wind cumuli and cirrostratus clouds dominate the scene. (Gemini 7, S65-63873)
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Location & Time Information
Date/Time (UT): 1965-12-08 T 21:30
Distance/Range (km): 279
Central Latitude/Longitude (deg): N/A
Orbit(s): 63

Imaging Information
Area or Feature Type: clouds, water, moon
Instrument: Hasselblad 70-mm camera
Instrument Resolution (pixels): N/A
Instrument Field of View (deg): N/A
Filter: haze
Illumination Incidence Angle (deg): N/A
Phase Angle (deg): N/A
Instrument Look Direction: N/A
Surface Emission Angle (deg): N/A

Ordering Information
CD-ROM Volume: N/A
NASA Image ID number: S65-63873
Other Image ID number: S65-65377 (b&w)
NSSDC Data Set ID (Photo): 65-100A-01A
NSSDC Data Set ID (CD): N/A
Other ID: N/A
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Updated 13 March 2003, DRW.