The Moon - Lunar Orbiter 1

Korolev basin on the far side of the Moon

The Moon
Lunar Orbiter 1 view of the Korolev basin on the far side of the Moon. The basin is located at 3 S, 158 W and is about 440 km in diameter, the largest crater in the image, to the left and slightly above the center. Adjacent to Korolev, at about 5:00 is the crater Galois and at 6:30 is the smaller Doppler crater. The rim of the South Pole - Aitken basin is faintly visible running just below these craters. North is up. (Lunar Orbiter 1, frame M-40)
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Location & Time Information
Date/Time (UT): 1966-08-22 T 14:58
Distance/Range (km): 1466
Central Latitude/Longitude (deg): -06.44/211.26
Orbit(s): N/A

Imaging Information
Area or Feature Type: crater, basin
Instrument: Medium- resolution Camera
Instrument Resolution (pixels): N/A
Instrument Field of View (deg): 44.2 x 37.9
Filter: Clear
Illumination Incidence Angle (deg): 83.64
Phase Angle (deg): 70.27
Instrument Look Direction: N/A
Surface Emission Angle (deg): 13.89

Ordering Information
CD-ROM Volume: N/A
NASA Image ID number: L01-M40
Other Image ID number: N/A
NSSDC Data Set ID (Photo): 66-073Z-01D
NSSDC Data Set ID (CD): N/A
Other ID: N/A

Updated 20 March 2003, DRW.