Mars - Viking 1 Orbiter

Crater near Kasei Vallis, Mars

An image of a crater with a dramatic radial ejecta pattern near the edge of Kasei Vallis, Mars, taken by the Viking 1 Orbiter. The crater is 18 km in diameter. North is at ~1:00. (Viking Orbiter 22A54)
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Location & Time Information
Date/Time (UT): 1976-07-12
Distance/Range (km): 1723.4
Central Latitude/Longitude (deg): +24.27/052.05
Orbit(s): 22

Imaging Information
Area or Feature Type: Crater
Instrument: Visual Imaging Subsystem - Camera B
Instrument Resolution (pixels): 1056 x 1182, 7 bit
Instrument Field of View (deg): 1.54 x 1.69
Filter: Clear (4)
Illumination Incidence Angle (deg): 46.26
Phase Angle (deg): 58.87
Instrument Look Direction: N/A
Surface Emission Angle (deg): 23.94

Ordering Information
CD-ROM Volume: VO_1010
NASA Image ID number: 022A54
Other Image ID number: 26330201
NSSDC Data Set ID (Photo): 75-75A-01B
NSSDC Data Set ID (CD): 75-075A-01C
Other ID: N/A
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Updated 20 May 2003, DRW.