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Lunar Orbiter 1 - extended-mission spacecraft subsystem performance, NASA, CR-870, Wash., D.C., Sept. 1967. (Prep. By Boeing Co., Rept. No.D2-100727-5, Seattle, Wash., for Langley Res. Ctr.).

Lunar Orbiter 1 - photographic mission summary, NASA-LRC, CR-782, Langley Sta., Va., Apr. 1967.

Lunar Orbiter 1 - photography, NASA-LRC, CR-847, Langley Sta., Va., Aug. 1967.

Preliminary terrain evaluation and Apollo landing site analysis based on Lunar Orbiter 1 photography, NASA-LRC, LWP-323, Hampton, VA, Undated.

Lunar Orbiter 1, USAF Aeronaut. Chart and Info. Center, Unnumbered, St. Louis, MO, Mar.1967.

Lunar Orbiter project, NASA-LRC, LOTD-112-2, Langley Station, VA, Mar. 1967.

Lunar Orbiter 1 final report, Appendices volume 6, Boeing Co., Aerosp. Group - Space Div., D2-100727-6, Mar. 1967.NASA-CR-66333, N67-27580.

Altmann, G., Use of electro-optical image correlation for measuring and providing compensation for image motion, In -- NASA SP-193, 53-65, 1969.

Cameron, W. S., Vulcanism on the moon, Sci. and Children, 5, No. 4, Dec. 1967.

Dombard, A. J. and J. J. Gillis, Testing the viability of topographic relaxation as a mechanism for the formation of lunar floor-fractured craters, J. Geophys. Res., 106, No. E11, 27901-27909, Nov. 2001.

Eppler, D., Mendeleev crater chain - A description and discussion of origin, NASA-JSC, TM-X-58108, Houston, TX, Feb. 1974.

Fryer, R. and C. Titulaer, Crater statistics near the Flamsteed P ring, Comm. Lunar Planet. Lab., 8, Pt. 2, 51-61, Dec. 1968.

Gillis, J. J. and P. D. Spudis, Geology of the Smythii and Marginis region of the Moon: Using integrated remotely sensed data, J. Geophys. Res., 105, No. E2, 4217-4233, Feb. 2000.

Greeley, R., et al, Galileo imaging observations of lunar maria and related deposits, J. Geophys. Res., 98, No. E9, 17183-17205, Sept. 1993.

Hansen, T. P., Guide to Lunar Orbiter photographs, NASA, SP-242, Wash., D.C., 1970.

Heuze, F. E., Lunar stratigraphy as revealed by crater morphology a critical review, U. of Calif., NASA-CR-61219, Berkeley, CA, Apr. 1968.

Huck, F. O., Lighting strategy for Lunar Orbiter mission design, NASA, TN D-4501, Wash., D.C., May 1968.

Lambiotte, J. J. and G. R. Taylor, Photometric technique for deriving slopes from lunar orbiting photography, NAS-LRC, TM-X-59870, Langley, Va., 1967. (Pres. at the Conf. on theUse of Space Systems for Planet. Geol. and Geophys., Boston, Mass.,May 25-27, 1967).

Levin, E., et al, Lunar Orbiter missions to the moon, Sci. Amer., 218, 58-66, May 1968.

Mazurowski, M. J., et al, Project SLOPE - Analysis of the performance of the Lunar Orbiter 1 and 2 imaging systems, final report, Cornell U., Cal No. VS-2182-D-4, Buffalo, NY, Sept. 1967.

O'Keefe, J. A., et al, Lunar ring dikes from Lunar Orbiter 1, Science, 155, 77-79, Jan. 1967.

Pieters, C. M. and S. Tompkins, Tsiolkovsky crater: A window into crustal processes on the lunar farside, J. Geophys. Res., 104, No. E9, 21935-21949, Sept. 1999.

Roetling, P. G., et al, Some practical aspects of measurement and restoration of motion-degraded images, In -- NASA SP-193, 167-174, 1969.

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Strain, P. L. and F. El-Baz, Smythii basin topography and comparisons with Orientale, Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf. 10th, 2609-2621, 1979.

Tousley, W. J., Formats of edited DSN tracking data, JPL, Calif. Inst. Technol., TM GTD 900-1, Pasadena, CA, Mar. 1967.

Wells, W. R., Selenodetic data determined from lunar orbit satellites, Am. Astron. Soc., AAS Paper 71-337, 1-15, 1971.

Wichman, R. W. and P. H. Schultz, Floor-fractured impact craters on Venus: Implications for igneous crater modification and local magmatism, J. Geophys. Res., 100, No. E2, 3233-3244, Feb. 1995.

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