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Lunar Orbiter 5 extended-mission spacecraft operations and subsystem performance, Boeing Co., D2-100755, Vol. 1,2 and 4, Seattle, Wa., Aug. 1968.

Lunar Orbiter 5 - Photographic mission summary, NASA, CR-1095, Wash, DC, July 1968.

Lunar Orbiters 4 and 5, camera calibration report, USAF, Aeronaut. Chart and Info. Cen., Unnumbered, St. Louis, MO, Jan.1968.

Lunar Orbiter project, mission 5 description, NASA-LRC, LOTD-120-0, Langley, VA, July 1967.

Preliminary geologic evaluation of areas photographed by Lunar Orbiter 5 including an Apollo landing analysis of one of the areas, NASA-LRC, LWP-506, Hampton, VA, Feb. 1968.

Lunar Orbiter 5, appendices, Boeing Co., NASA-CR-66530, Seattle, WA, Dec. 1967.

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