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Apollo 08 70 mm photo indices, NASA-JSC, Mapping Sci. Lab., Att. 2, Houston, Tex., 1969.

First look at the Apollo 8 pictures, Nature, 221, No. 5177, 215-220, Jan. 1969.

Arthur, D. W. G., Selenography and selenodesy with Apollo whole-disk lunar photographs, Icarus, 14, 388-418, June 1971.

Baldwin, R. B., Rima goclenius 2, J. Geophys. Res., 76, 8459-8465, Dec. 1971.

Borgeson, W. T. and R. M. Batson, Photogrammetric calibration of Apollo film cameras, Department of the Interior, Geological Survey Interagency Rpt.,Astrogeology 15, Wash., D.C., Mar. 1969.

Dollfus, A., Langrenus: Transient illuminations on the Moon, Icarus, 146, No. 2, 430-443, Aug. 2000.

Kosofsky, L. J., Lunar stereo photography, PSA J., Unnumbered, Dec. 1970.

McCall, G. J. H., Lunar rilles and a possible terrestrial analogue, Nature, 225, 714-716, Feb. 1970.

Nance, R., Positions of lunar features from Apollo 8, J. Geophys. Res., 75, 2029-2034, Apr. 1970.

Ransford, G. A., et al, Lunar landmark locations - Apollo 8, 10, 11, and 12 missions, NASA-GSFC, TN D-6082, Greenbelt, MD, Nov. 1970.

Sasser, J. H., Apollo 08 lunar and space science activities, NASA-MSC, Unnumbered, Jan. 1969.

Schultz, P. H. and P. D. Spudis, Evidence for ancient mare volcanism, Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf. 10th, 2899-2918, 1979.

Wildey, R. L., et al, Remote sensing of the lunar photometric function from the orbiting Apollo command service module, In -- 6th Intern. Symp. on Remote Sensing of Environ., 2, 1291-1303,1969.

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