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Apollo 11 television cameras, Opt. Spectra, 3, 65-69, Sept.-Oct. 1969.

Apollo 11 photographic and scientific debriefing, NASA-MSC, Unnumbered, Houston, TX, Aug. 1969.

Apollo mission 11 photography indexes, NASA, TM-X-68804, Wash., D.C., Oct. 1969.

Anderson, A. T., et al, Apollo 11 lunar photography, NASA-GSFC, NSSDCA 70-06, TM-X-68802, Greenbelt, MD, Apr. 1970.

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Arant, W. H., Techniques applied in compiling the Tranquillity base surface and experiment positions map, Lockheed Electron Co., Unnumbered, Houston, TX, Dec. 1969.

Beaty, D. W. and A. L. Albee, The geology and petrology of the Apollo 11 landing site, Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf. 11th, 23-35, 1980.

Borgeson, W. T. and R. M. Batson, Photogrammetric calibration of Apollo film cameras, Department of the Interior, Geological Survey Interagency Rpt.,Astrogeology 15, Wash., D.C., Mar. 1969.

Butler, P., Jr., Discussion of paper by O.B. James and E.E. Jackson, 'Petrology of the Apollo 11 ilmenite basalts', J. Geophys. Res., 76, 7298-7303, Oct. 1971.

De Hon, R. A., Cauldron subsidence in lunar craters Ritter and Sabine, J. Geophys. Res., 76, No. 23, 5712-5718, Aug. 1971.

Dole, C. H., Apollo tilt data determination, Apollo missions 10, 11, and 12, Unpublished, LEC/HASD No. TWP-71-04, Jan. 1971.

Gold, T., Apollo 11 and 12 close-up photography, Icarus, 12, 360-375, May 1970.

Helfenstein, P. and M. K. Shepard, Submillimeter-scale topography of the lunar regolith, Icarus, 141, No. 1, 107-131, Sept. 1999.

Kosofsky, L. J., Lunar stereo photography, PSA J., Unnumbered, Dec. 1970.

Lankes, L. R., Role of optics in the Apollo program, Opt. Spectra, 3, 35-74, Sept.-Oct. 1969.

Larsen, P. A., Some photographic results of the Apollo 11 mission, NASA-MSFC, TM-X-64501, Huntsville, Ala., Feb. 1970.

McCoy, A. E., Kodak's role in space photography, Interavia, 25, 445-448, Apr. 1970.

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Svensson, E. L., Lunar television camera, Spaceflight, 11, 304-307, Sept, 1969.

Taylor, G. J., The scientific legacy of Apollo, Scientific Amer., 271, No. 1, 40-47, July 1994.

Wildey, R. L. and H. A. Pohn, Normal albedo of the Apollo 11 landing site and intrinsic dispersion in the lunar heiligenschein, Astrophys. J., 158, L129-L130, Nov. 1969.

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