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Photographic processing and distribution requirements for Apollo 13 (AS-508) mission and scientific photography, NASA-MSC, PT3/M355, Houston, Tex., Undated.

Anderson, A. T., et al, Apollo 13 lunar mission, NASA-GSFC, NSSDCA 70-18, Greenbelt, MD, Dec. 1970.

Duggan, L. E., et al, Apollo 13 service module damage assessment photo analysis, LEC, LEC/HASD No. TWP-70-033, May 1970.

McAdams, H. T., et al, Trafficability and visibility analysis of the lunar surface, NASA, CR-1881, Wash., D. C., July 1971.

Shevchenko, V. V., Albedo characteristics of the lunar globe, Soviet Astron., 18, No. 5, 628-632, Mar.-Apr. 1975

Teague, W. N., Photographic and TV procedures, Apollo 13, NASA-MSFC, Unnumbered, Houston, Texas, Apr. 1970.

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