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Lunar topographic camera (operation and malfunction procedures), Hycon, NAS9-10324, Dec. 1969, Revised Jan, 1970.

Apollo mission 14 lunar photography indexes, NASA, TM-X-68814, Wash., DC, June 1971.

Anderson, A. T. and M. A. Niksch, Apollo 14 lunar photography package (3 parts), NASA-GSFC, NSSDCA 71-16, Greenbelt, MD, Aug. 1971.

Daw, R. L., Base surge in atomic and volcanic explosions and its significance under lunar conditions, J. Brit. Astron. Assoc., 84, 176-183, Apr. 1974.

Dietrich, J. W., Photographic summary, NASA, SP-272, 9-31, Wash., DC, 1971.

Dollfus, A., Langrenus: Transient illuminations on the Moon, Icarus, 146, No. 2, 430-443, Aug. 2000.

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El-Baz, F., Orbital science photography, In -- Apollo 14 Prelimin. Sci. Rept., SP-272, 267-309, NASA, Wash.,Dc. 1971.

Gifford, A., et al, Geology of the lunar farside crater necho, Moon Planet., 21, No. 1, 25-42, 1979.

Gillis, J. J. and P. D. Spudis, Geology of the Smythii and Marginis region of the Moon: Using integrated remotely sensed data, J. Geophys. Res., 105, No. E2, 4217-4233, Feb. 2000.

Helfenstein, P. and M. K. Shepard, Submillimeter-scale topography of the lunar regolith, Icarus, 141, No. 1, 107-131, Sept. 1999.

Horz, F., et al, Collisionally processed rocks on Mars, Science, 285, No. 5436, 2105-2107, Sept. 1999.

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