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Apollo lunar surface experiment package - suprathermal ion detector experiment, Rice U., Dept. Space Phys. and Astron., NASA-CR-144544, Houston, TX,July 1975.

Fenner, M. A. and J. W. Freeman, Jr., Dawn dusk magnetosheath plasma asymmetries at 60 Re, J. Geophys. Res., 80, No. 25, 3693-3697, Sept. 1975.

Fenner, M. A., et al, Electric potential of the lunar surface, in -- Proc. Fourth Lunar Sci. Conf., 3, 2877-28888, Pergamon Press,New York, NY, 1973.

Freeman, J. W., Jr., et al, Electric potential of the moon in the solar wind, J. Geophys. Res., 78, No. 22, 4560-4567, Apr. 1973.

Freeman, J. W., Jr., et al, Water vapor, whence comest thou?, in -- Proc. Third Lunar Sci. Conf., 3, 2217-2230, MIT Press, Cambridge,MA, 1972.

Hills, H. K. and J. W. Freeman, ALSEP SIDE data user's information package, Unpublished, Unnumbered, Feb. 1974.

Hills, H. K., et al, Low energy proton regime in the geomagnetic tail at lunar distance, In -- Sci. Satell. Prog. During the Intern. Magnetos. Study, Vol. 57,199-207, D. Reidel Publ. Co., Boston, MA, 1976.

Lindeman, R., et al, Ions from the lunar atmosphere, in -- Proc. Fourth Lunar Sci. Conf., 3, 2889-2896, Pergamon Press,New York, NY, 1973.

Medrano, R. A., et al, Solar cosmic ray square wave of August 1972, J. Geophys. Res., 80, No. 13, 1735-1743, May 1975.

Schneider, H. E. and J. W. Freeman, Energetic lunar nighttime ion events, Moon, 14, 27-33, 1975.

Vondrak, R. R., et al, Measurements of lunar atmospheric loss rate, in -- Proc. Fifth Lunar Sci. Conf., 3, 2945-2954, Pergamon Press,New York, NY, 1974.

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