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Final photographic and TV procedures, Apollo 15, NASA-MSC, MSC-04590, Houston, TX, July 1971.

Apollo 15 - television and photography, J. Soc. Motion Pict. Telev. Eng., 80, No. 12, 977-978, Dec. 1971.

Apollo 15 index of 16 mm film strips, NASA-MSC, Unnumbered, Houston, Tex., Feb. 1972.

Apollo 15 index of 70 mm photographs, NASA-MSC, Unnumbered, Houston, Tex., Jan. 1972.

Chevrel, S. D., et al, Gruithuisen domes region: A candidate for an extended nonmare volcanism unit on the Moon, J. Geophys. Res., 104, No. E7, 16515-16529, July 1999.

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Drury, S. A., et al, Lunar geology case study, Open Univ., S333LG, Milton Keynes, Great Britain, 1976.

Gillis, J. J. and P. D. Spudis, Geology of the Smythii and Marginis region of the Moon: Using integrated remotely sensed data, J. Geophys. Res., 105, No. E2, 4217-4233, Feb. 2000.

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Hale, W. S. and R. A. F. Grieve, Volumetric analysis of complex lunar craters: Implications for basin ring formation, J. Geophys. Res., 87, Suppl., A65-A76, Nov. 1982.

Hall, J. L., et al, Lunar floor-fractured craters: Evidence for viscous relaxation of crater topography, J. Geophys. Res., 86, No. B10, 9537-9552, Oct. 1981.

Hawke, B. R., et al, Multispectral mapping of the Apollo 15 - Apennine region: The identification and distribution of regional pyroclastic deposits, Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf. 10th, 2995-3015, 1979.

Head, J. W., Morphology and structure of the Taurus-Littrow highlands (Apollo 17) evidence for their origin and evolution, Moon, 9, No. 3/4, 355-395, March-Apr. 1974.

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Lloyd, D. D. and D. Lloyd, First earthshine photography from lunar orbit, BellComm, Inc., NASA-CR-124752, Wash., DC, Dec. 1971.

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Zimbelman, J. R. and R. A. Craddock, An evaluation of probable bedrock exposure in the Sinus Meridiani region of the Martian highlands, Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci., 21, 546-655, 1991.

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