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Final photographic and TV procedures, Apollo 15, NASA-MSC, MSC-04590, Houston, TX, July 1971.

Apollo 15 sim bay photographic equipment and mission summary, NASA-MSC, Mapping Sci. Branch, Unnumbered, Houston, Tex., Aug. 1971.

Apollo 15 - television and photography, J. Soc. Motion Pict. Telev. Eng., 80, No. 12, 977-978, Dec. 1971.

Apollo 15 index of mapping camera and panoramic camera photographs, NASA-MSC, Unnumbered, Houston, Tex., Jan. 1972.

Bodger, L., Cinematic analysis of Apollo metric and panoramic photography, Unpublished, Unnumbered, Undated.

Cummings, R. D. and D. J. Peck, Thermal control of the Itek Apollo optical bar panoramic camera, Proc. of SAE, AIAA, ASME, AICHE Intersociety Conf. on EnvironmentalSystems, July 29-Aug. 1, 1974, Seattle, Wash.

Doyle, F. J., Photographic systems for Apollo, Photogramm. Eng., 36, 1039-1044, Oct. 1970.

El-Baz, F., New geological findings in Apollo 15 lunar orbital photography, in -- Proc. Third Lunar Sci. Conf., 1, 39-61, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA,1972.

Head, J. W., Morphology and structure of the Taurus-Littrow highlands (Apollo 17) evidence for their origin and evolution, Moon, 9, No. 3/4, 355-395, March-Apr. 1974.

Kinney, W. C., Apollo optical bar camera photographic system analysis and lunar object detection study, Itek Corp., Optical Sys. Div., Unnumbered, Lexington, MA, Undated.

Kolovos, G., et al, Photographic evidence of a short duration: Strong flash from the surface of the moon, Icarus, 76, No. 3, 525-532, Dec. 1988.

McCash, D. K., Apollo 15 panoramic photographs, Photogramm. Eng., 39, No. 1, 65-72, June 1973.

Robinson, M. S. and B. L. Jolliff, Apollo 17 landing site: Topography, photometric corrections, and heterogeneity of the surrounding highland massifs, J. Geophys. Res., 107, No. E11, Nov. 2002.

Strain, P. L. and F. El-Baz, The geology and morphology of Ina, Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf. 11th, 2437-2446, 1980.

Weitz, C. M. and J. W. Head, III, Spectral properties of the Marius Hills volcanic complex and implications for the formation of lunar domes and cones, J. Geophys. Res., 104, No. E8, 18933-18956, Aug. 1999.

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