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Final photographic and TV procedures, Apollo 15, NASA-MSC, MSC-04590, Houston, TX, July 1971.

Apollo 15 sim bay photographic equipment and mission summary, NASA-MSC, Mapping Sci. Branch, Unnumbered, Houston, Tex., Aug. 1971.

Apollo 15 - television and photography, J. Soc. Motion Pict. Telev. Eng., 80, No. 12, 977-978, Dec. 1971.

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Bodger, L., Cinematic analysis of Apollo metric and panoramic photography, Unpublished, Unnumbered, Undated.

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Zimbelman, J. R. and R. A. Craddock, An evaluation of probable bedrock exposure in the Sinus Meridiani region of the Martian highlands, Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci., 21, 546-655, 1991.

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