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End item test plan for the ultraviolet spectrometer experiment S169, APL, Johns Hopkins U., S4S-0-679B, Silver Spring, MD, Apr. 1972.

Final stress analysis report ultraviolet spectrometer S169, APL, Johns Hopkins U., S4M-2-250, Silver Spring, MD, Dec. 1971.

Apollo 17 landing site geology, USGS-NASA, Interagency Rept., Astrogeol. No. 73, Houston, TX, June1975.

Planetary atmospheric physics and solar physics research, U. of Colo., Lab for Atmos. and Space Phys., NASA-CR-133773, Boulder,CO, June 1973.

Fastie, W. G., Rocket flight performance of a preprototype Apollo 17 UV spectrometer S-169, NASA, CR-115869, Wash., DC, July 1971.

Fastie, W. G., Apollo 17 far ultraviolet spectrometer experiment, Moon, 7, 49-62, 1973.

Fastie, W. G., Ultraviolet brightness of celestial targets for Apollo 17, APL, Johns Hopkins U., NASA-CR-128834, Baltimore, MD, Dec. 1972.

Fastie, W. G., Interface definition for the far ultraviolet spectrometer experiment S169, APL, Johns Hopkins U., Unnumbered, Baltimore, MD, Aug. 1971.

Fastie, W. G., Apollo 17 ultraviolet spectrometer experiment (S-169), APL, Johns Hopkins U., NASA-CR-140316, Baltimore, MD, July 1974.

Fastie, W. G., et al, Ultraviolet spectrometer experiment, In -- Apollo 17 Prelim. Sci. Rep., NASA-SP-330, 23-1 to 23-1O, NASA,Wash., DC, 1973.

Fastie, W. G., et al, Search for far ultraviolet emissions from the lunar atmosphere, Science, 182, 710-711, Nov. 1973.

Fastie, W. G. and D. E. Kerr, Spectroradiometric calibration techniques in the far ultraviolet - a stable emission source for the Lyman bands of molecular hydrogen, Appl. Opt., 14, No. 9, 2133-2142, Sept. 1975.

Feldman, P. D. and W. G. Fastie, Fluorescence of molecular hydrogen excited by solar extreme-ultraviolet radiation, Astrophys. J., 185, Part 2, L101-L104, Oct. 1973.

Flynn, B. C., et al, Lunar reflectivity from Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer imaging and spectroscopy of the full Moon, Geophys. Res. Lett., 25, No. 17, 3253-3256, Sept. 1998.

Goss, M. E., Task 2 of the ultraviolet spectrometer experiment S169, APL, Johns Hopkins U., NASA-CR-128889, Silver Spring, MD, Feb. 1973.

Hodges, R. R., Helium and hydrogen in the lunar atmosphere, J. Geophys. Res., 78, No. 34, 8055-8064, Dec. 1973.

Hodges, R. R., Jr., Ice in the lunar polar regions revisited, J. Geophys. Res., 107, No. E2, 6-1/6-7, Feb. 2002.

Schroader, I. H., et al, Optical alignment of a 0.5 meter ultra-violet spectrometer for Apollo 17, In -- Applications of Geom. Opt., 259-269, Soc. of Photo-OpticalInstrum. Engineers, Redondo Beach, CA, 1973.

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