Alabama State Capitol Moon Tree

Montgomery, Alabama

[Image of Alabama State Capitol Moon Tree]

Loblolly pine on the grounds of the Alabama State Capitol Building, Montgomery, Alabama. Marked by a marble plaque and located next to the statue of Albert Patterson.
32 deg 22.651 min N, 86 deg 18.050 min W

News Release, Montgomery, Alabama, April 19, 1976

A loblolly pine seedling from the very same seeds that journeyed to the moon and back with the Apollo 14 flight in 1971 was presented to Governor George C. Wallace by the Alabama Forestry Commission and the U.S. Forest Service in a special ceremony at the Governor's Office today.

The moon tree will be planted on the lawn of the State Capitol as a permanent reminder of man's flight into space and its relationship to the forests of America.

C.W. Moody, State Forester for Alabama, expressed his pleasure at having the moon tree presented here as a part of the Bicentennial observance. He said it symbolizes the major role forests have played in developing our American Heritage and the vital role forests have in our future.

On January 31, 1971, Apollo 14 lifted gracefully from its launch pad towards the moon. On board were those forest trees. They were nestled in a tiny container close to Command Module Pilot Stuart Roosa.

The Monday ceremony at the Capitol coincided with the signing of a proclamation by the Governor, designating the week of May 16-22, as Forest Conservation and Recreation Week in Alabama, leading to the 2nd annual Alabama Forest Festival, scheduled for May 21-22 in Montgomery.

News release courtesy of Neil Letson
Image courtesy of Skeeter Etheridge

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