U.S. Veteran's Medical Center Moon Tree

Roseburg, Oregon

[Image of Roseburg Moon Tree] [Image of Roseburg Moon Tree Plaque]

This Douglas Fir was planted on 3 May 1976 on the grounds of the U.S. Veterans Medical Center in Roseburg, Oregon by State Forester J. E. Schroeder and Director J. H. Ferry. The plaque reads: This tree dedicated by the Veterans Administration in 1976 to America's Medal of Honor recipients who helped make this bicentennial observance possible "By gallantry above and beyond the call of duty"
Larger (1 Mb) versions of the tree picture and plaque picture are available.

(The device held by the tree is a GPS unit.)

The tree is located at 43 deg 13.565 min N; 123 deg 22.106 min W

Photographs courtesy of Glen and Martha Jones

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