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Earth Science Data
Already Transitioned Out of NSSDC

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA

Since 1993, many Earth science data have been migrated from the National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) to the various Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs). The following is a summary of all the data that have been transitioned:


NSSDC ID    Data Set             DAAC  DtXfer   Media    Units    

70-025A-03A  N4 IRIS Radiance Tp   [1] GSFC  11/16/94  Tp-Round    29    
70-025A-05O  N4 BUV ZMT                GSFC  01/05/95  Tp-Round     1    
70-025A-05P  N4 BUV CPOZ               GSFC  01/05/95  Tp-Round     4    
70-025A-05Q  N4 BUV HDBUV              GSFC  01/05/95  Tp-Round    13    

72-097A-04E  N5 ESMR Tb & Ice Conc [2] NSIDC 10/31/94  N/A        N/A

78-098A-01A  N7 LIMS LAIPAT            GSFC  12/08/94  Tp-Round    12    
78-098A-01C  N7 LIMS LAMAT             GSFC  12/08/94  Tp-Round     8    
78-098A-01F  N7 LIMS PROFILE-R     [3] GSFC  00/00/00  CANCELLED  N/A    
78-098A-01L  N7 LIMS LASMAT            GSFC  12/08/94  Tp-Round     1 

78-098A-07A  N7 ERB MAT (First 19 mon.)LaRC  07/08/96  Tp-3480    114
78-098A-07B  N7 ERB SEFDT              LaRC  04/10/96  Tp-3480     89
78-098A-07C  N7 ERB Matrix             LaRC  01/02/96  Tp-3480      9
78-098A-07O  N7 ERB EMST               LaRC  03/02/95  Tp-3480      1    
78-098A-07Q  N7 ERB Ch10C Solar Dat[1] LaRC  09/20/96  3.5-in Dsk   1
78-098A-07S  N7 ERB MLCE               LaRC  03/02/95  Tp-3480      5    
78-098A-07T  N7 ERB SAB                LaRC  03/02/95  Tp-3480      1    
78-098A-07U  N7 ERB NFOV Matrix        LaRC  05/02/94  Tp-3480      1

78-098A-08A  N7 SMMR TAT Non-scan Dat  MSFC  06/30/95  Tp-8mm       6    
78-098A-08D  N7 SMMR PARM-LO           MSFC  06/05/96  Tp-4mm      27   
78-098A-08X  N7 SMMR MIZEX Tb      [2] NSIDC 10/31/94  N/A        N/A
78-098A-08Y  N7 SMMR TCT 1/2 deg       NSIDC 10/31/94  Tp-Round    36
78-098A-08Z  N7 SMMR TCT 1/4 deg       NSIDC 10/31/94  Tp-Round   107    
78-098A-08b  N7 SMMR MIZEX Ice Conc[2] NSIDC 10/31/94  N/A        N/A

78-098A-09C  N7 TOMS HDTOMS            GSFC  05/00/96  online     N/A
78-098A-09D  N7 SBUV HDSBUV            GSFC  01/05/95  Tp-3480     46    
78-098A-09F  N7 SBUV RUT-S             GSFC  02/29/96  Tp-mixed   634    
78-098A-09Q  N7 SBUV CPOZ              GSFC  01/05/95  Tp-Round    13    
78-098A-09R  N7 TOMS GridT             GSFC  04/01/94  Tp-Round     9    
78-098A-09U  N7 SBUV EARTH             GSFC  01/05/95  Tp-Round     8    
78-098A-09V  N7 SBUV SUNC          [1] GSFC  01/05/95  Tp-Round     8    
78-098A-09X  N7 TOMS Ozone Atlas       GSFC  04/01/94  Video Tp     1    
78-098A-09Y  N7 TOMS Ozone Atlas       GSFC  04/01/94  Video Tp     1    
78-098A-09Z  N7 TOMS Ozone on CD       GSFC  04/01/94  CD-ROM       1x     
78-098A-09a  N7 TOMS Ozone Image on CD GSFC  04/01/94  CD-ROM       1x    
78-098A-09b  N7 TOMS Ozone Update, CD  GSFC  04/01/94  CD-ROM       1x    
78-098A-09c,d,e,f (merged)  
78-098A-10E  N7 THIR BCLT          [4] GSFC  TBD       Tp-Round   800+
78-098A-10F  N7 THIR CMATRIX           LaRC  03/02/95  Tp-Round     7 

79-013A-01A  SAGE MERDAT               LaRC  12/06/95  Tp-3480     22
79-013A-01C  SAGE Ozone Profiles       LaRC  08/06/96  Tp-Round     3
79-013A-01D  SAGE Nitrogen Dioxide     LaRC  08/06/96  Tp-Round     3   
79-013A-01E  SAGE Aerosol Profiles [5] LaRC  08/06/96  N/A        N/A

81-100A-01C  SME UV/IR Orbital Ozone   GSFC  01/22/96  Tp-Round     6
81-100A-01E  SME UV/IR Avg Ozone   [6] GSFC  05/03/95  Tp-Round     1
81-100A-03B  SME IR Radiance           GSFC  05/23/95  Tp-Round    52    
81-100A-04D  SME VIS Radiance          GSFC  07/18/95  Tp-Round    23

84-108B-01%  ERBS ERBE (21 data sets)  LaRC  04/09/93  Opt Disk   237 
84-123A-05%  NOAA 9 ERBE (16 sets, some merged)  
86-073A-05%  NOAA 10 ERBE (11 sets, some merged)
84-108B-02A  ERBS SAGE II MERDAT       LaRC  06/05/96  Tp-3480    198
84-108B-02B  ERBS SAGE II Ozone   [5]  LaRC  08/06/96  N/A        N/A
84-108B-02C  ERBS SAGE II Aerosol [5]  LaRC  08/06/96  N/A        N/A
84-108B-02D  ERBS SAGE II NO2     [5]  LaRC  08/06/96  N/A        N/A
84-108B-02E  ERBS SAGE II H2O 	  [5]  LaRC  08/06/96  N/A        N/A
85-034A-14A  STS 51B ATMOS Gas Pfl     GSFC  01/19/95  Floppy Dsk   1    
85-034A-14B  STS 51B ATMOS IR Spectra  GSFC  01/19/95  Tp-Round    22
85-034A-14C  STS 51B ATMOS Atmos Atlas GSFC  01/19/95  Book         1x
85-034A-14D  ATMOS Solar Atlas 	   [1] GSFC  01/19/95  Book         1x
85-034A-14E  ATMOS Raw Solar IR Sp [1] GSFC  01/19/95  Tp-Round     1

SN-21A       NOAA TOVS            [7]  GSFC  10/12/94  Tp-3480   1378 
SN-31A       NOAA AVHRR GAC       [7]  GSFC  00/00/93  Tp-3480    575    


[1] One copy is retained for use by NSSDC staff and researchers from
other scientific disciplines.
[2] Data already existed in NSIDC;
only metadata and hardcopy documentation were transferred.
[3] Questionable scientific value; data supplier recommended to purge it.
[4] Three-way agreement to transfer data to Code 916/GSFC.
[5] Data already existed in LaRC in either native or HDF format.
[6] Data were not readable according to GSFC.
[7] Not in the Appendix of the NSSDC Earth Science Data Transition Plan.

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