Venus - Magellan

Perspective view of western Eistla Regio, Venus

Computer generated 3-D perspective view of western Eistla Regio, Venus. The image was created by superimposing Magellan images on Venus topography, and was colored based on the Venera 13 and 14 Lander images. This view is from 1100 km northeast of Gula Mons at an elevation of 7.5 km. Gula Mons is the large volcano on the left; it is located at 22N,359E. Sif Mons the, the volcanic structure on the right side, is 2 km high and 300 km in diameter. The distance between Sif Mons and Gula Mons is about 730 km. This image is vertically exaggerated 23x. (Magellan press release P-38724)

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