Venus - Magellan

Sapas Mons volcano, Venus; 3-D color

3-dimensional color image of Sapas Mons volcano, Venus. This 1.5 km high volcano, located at 8.7N, 188.1E in the Atla Regio area is about 400 km across. Note the two dark area near the center of the volcano, which are flat-topped mesas comprising the double summit. This 10 times vertically exaggerated view was produced from Magellan radar data. The viewpoint is located 527 km northwest of Sapas Mons at an elevation of 4 km. The image is colored based on the Venera Lander images of the Venus surface. Maat Mons is located in the background on the horizon. Sapas Mons is also shown images P-38360, F-10N188;1, C1-15N180;1, C2 00N183;1 and C3-14N180;1. (Magellan press release P-40176)

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