Mars - Mariner 4

Last picture taken by Mariner 4 before crossing the terminator

No features can be seen in this Mariner 4 frame except the terminator and night time region at lower right. The image was taken from 12,100 km showing an area 360 km by 258 km. The sun is 88 degrees from zenith and north is at about 1:30. Mariner 4 took 3 frames after this but all were in darkness and the final frame had only 22 lines. (Mariner 4, frame 19e)
Larger image: 362K

High resolution jpeg file (1.6M)

Location & Time Information
Date/Time (UT): 1965-07-15 T 00:40
Distance/Range (km): 12,100.
Central Latitude/Longitude (deg): -51.2, 107.9
Orbit(s): Flyby

Imaging Information
Area or Feature Type: terminator
Instrument: Television camera
Instrument Resolution (pixels): 200 x 200, 6-bit
Instrument Field of View (deg): 1.05 x 1.05
Filter: green
Illumination Incidence Angle (deg): 88.
Phase Angle (deg): N/A
Instrument Look Direction: N/A
Surface Emission Angle (deg): N/A

Ordering Information
CD-ROM Volume: N/A
NASA Image ID number: Mariner 4, frame 19
Other Image ID number:
NSSDC Data Set ID (Photo): 64-0771-01A
NSSDC Data Set ID (CD): N/A
Other ID: N/A


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Dave Williams,, (301) 286-1258
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Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA

Jay Friedlander,, (301) 286-7172
Code 612.4, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA

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Last updated: 24 September 2015