Mars - Viking 2 Lander

First Color Image of Utopia Planitia on Mars

This is the first color image of Utopia Planitia returned by the Viking 2 Lander. The image was taken by camera 2 on 5 September 1976, two days after landing. The image is taken in the martian afternoon looking towards the northeast, the Sun is behind the camera. The lander is at an angle of 8 degrees, so the horizon appears tilted. The colors of the rocks and soil are similar to those at the Viking 1 Lander site in Chryse Planitia. The large rock left of the center of the frame is about 1 meter wide. Running just below the rock from upper left ot lower right is a shallow trough. (Viking 2 Lander, P-17686)
Larger image (152K)

High resolution tiff file (944K)

Location & Time Information
Date/Time (UT): 1976-09-05
Distance/Range (km): .001
Central Latitude/Longitude (deg): +44.57, 225.74
Orbit(s): lander

Imaging Information
Area or Feature Type: lander image, surface, rock
Instrument: Viking lander camera 2
Instrument Resolution (pixels): 512 (vertical), 6 bit
Instrument Field of View (deg): 100 x 0.12 (single scan), 100 x 342.5 (max.)
Filter: N/A
Illumination Incidence Angle (deg): N/A
Phase Angle (deg): N/A
Instrument Look Direction: N/A
Surface Emission Angle (deg): N/A

Ordering Information
CD-ROM Volume: N/A
NASA Image ID number: P-17686
Other Image ID number: 22A003/000
NSSDC Data Set ID (Photo): 75-083C-06F
NSSDC Data Set ID (CD): N/A
Other ID: N/A


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Dave Williams,, (301) 286-1258
Code 690.1, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA

Jay Friedlander,, (301) 286-7172
Code 612.4, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA

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Last updated: 24 September 2015