FIRAS Spectrum Browser

This interactive service permits browsing of the FIRAS data for preliminary investigations of localized sources. Detailed information about the FIRAS instrument, its operation, calibration, and the FIRAS data products can be found in the FIRAS Explanatory Supplement.

Given an on-source position and offsets for reference positions, this service displays the on-source, average off-source, and difference spectra for the frequency range 70-2880 GHz with 21 GHz resolution.

Brief introduction

Enter the coordinates and select the system and epoch of the position of interest. For the reference positions, specify the angular offsets, the directions, and the system. The integral flux will be estimated for the frequency integration range specified.
On-source position

  RA, L, or Ecl. L:    (e.g., 10h16m24s or 10.273)
  DEC, B, or Ecl. B:   (e.g., -25d19m34s or -25.33)
     -or-                                                Name resolver:
  Object name:         (e.g., NGC 7538) 



Reference positions

  Offset directions:  N   E   S   W 

  System for Offsets:  

  Angular offset:   (decimal degrees)


  Subtract CMBR monopole   monopole + dipole 


  Use no reference spectrum  (if checked, only the on-source spectrum will be plotted)

Integration range

  Minimum frequency:   (GHz, >= 70)
  Maximum frequency:   (GHz, <= 2880)

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