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Gravity Probe B Level 1 Data


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Electronic Access


This data set consists of the Level 1 components of the Gravity Probe B database. Level 1 data are the analog and discrete programmable spacecraft telemetry, which are the data extracted from the APID series 100 packet data assembled by the spacecraft into telemetry format table frames and transmitted to the ground. Level 1 data are in a meaningful form (ASCII, not binary); source telemetry data numbers may be displayed before or after calibrations are applied via TCAD. The Level 1 data set is the most refined source of data that may still be considered untouched for purposes of data reduction. It is time stamped and ordered by monitor ID, then by time. The most recent data are saved at full resolution and after a preset interval are averaged on 5-minute centers. This is the source data set to be sent to project engineers and scientists for further analysis, along with a small subset of Level 0 data.

The data were resident in a Sybase data base system during the operational phase of the mission, and were exported for the archive in CDF format. The contents of selected database tables were output to CDF files.

Alternate Names


    • Astronomy: General Relativity
    • Astronomy: Gravity Waves

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