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UV Pointsources Catalog


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This ANS Ultraviolet Photometry Catalogue of Point Sources (Wesselius et al., Astron. Astrophys. Suppl., v. 49, p. 427, 1982) is a compilation of UV photoelectric measurements at 15, 18, 22, 25, and 33 nm for 3573 objects (mostly stars) observed with the Astronomical Netherlands Satellite in the period October 1974 to April 1976. The tape characteristics of this data set are described as follows: number of files is 1; logical record length is 131 bytes; total number of logical records is 3573. The reported stellar magnitudes were obtained from mean count rates converted to fluxes using the ANS absolute calibration of Wesselius et al. (Astron. Astrophys., v. 85, p. 221, 1980). In addition to the ultraviolet magnitudes, the catalog contains positions taken from the satellite pointing, spectral types, and UBV data taken from other sources, plus comments on duplicity, variability, and miscellaneous notes concerning individual objects. Parties interested in the main data base should contact Dr. Paul R. Wesselius, Kapteyn Observatory, Mensingheweg 20, 9301 KA Roden, Netherlands.

Alternate Names

  • UV Pointsources Cat


  • Astronomy: Ultraviolet


  • 74-070A-01A

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Dr. Paul R. WesseliusData ProviderKapteyn
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