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Revised S201 Catalog of Far-Ultraviolet Objects


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)


This data set consists of a machine readable version of a catalog compiled from images obtained by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Far-Ultraviolet Camera/Spectrograph (Experiment S201) operated from 21 to 23 April 1972 on the lunar surface during the Apollo 16 mission. The machine catalog contains data for 11 fields, designated Cygnus, Capricorn, Cetus, Grus, Pavo, Mensa, Norma, Aquarius, Fornax, Sagittarius West, and Sagittarius East. Individual data records include information such as running number of the object in the field, exposure time for the image, filter used, scan coordinates, equatorial position, object identification, differences between measured and catalog coordinates, spectral type, SAO or other visual and photographic magnitudes, peak density, pixel, background and scan information, and ultraviolet magnitude. The eleven files were concatenated to a single file of 6396 x 118-byte logical records.

The Revised S201 Catalog differs from the first edition (Page, Carruthers, and Hill, 1978) in that the brightnesses of all detected objects have been transformed to an absolute scale of UV magnitudes based on instrumental preflight calibrations. This reference should be consulted for more detailed information concerning the instrumentation used, data reduction and analysis, and comparison with stellar models and with other UV catalogs.

Alternate Names

  • Revised S201 Catalog


  • Planetary Science: Atmospheres
  • Astronomy: Ultraviolet


  • 72-031C-10D

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NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Dr. Thornton L. PageData ProviderNASA Johnson Space Center

Selected References

  • Page, T. L., et al., S201 catalog of far-ultraviolet objects, Naval Res. Lab., NRL Rept. 8173, Wash., DC, Jan. 1978.
  • Page, T., et al., Revised S201 catalog of far-ultraviolet objects, Naval Res. Lab., NRL 8487, Wash., DC, 1982.
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