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Simbay Stellar Photography Support Data


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)

Time span: 1971-07-29 to 1971-08-04


This data set consists of microfiche of experimenter-supplied data correlating the laser altimeter with the panoramic, metric and stellar photography taken by the simbay photographic equipment on board Apollo 15. The data consist of -- (1) mapping camera subsystem data block information (frame no., exposure times, and altitude), (2) explanations of data terms, (3) laser altimeter operations, (4) panoramic camera exposure times, (5) photographic ephemeris, (6) Apollo 15 timing system with tables of conversion from the Apollo timing system to UT, (7) photographic operations, (8) burns and events, and (9) camera calibration data for each camera and laser altimeter. These data may be used to correlate altimeter rangings with lunar surface features. These data apply to all 3 camera systems - the panoramic, the mapping, and the stellar. The latter data are used for altitude determinations.

Alternate Names

  • Simbay Stellar Photo Support Data


  • Astronomy: Visible


  • 71-063A-02I
  • 71-063A-03K
  • 71-063A-04C

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