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Printout of Molecular Oxygen Density Profiles on Microfilm


Availability: Data Accessible Elsewhere

Time span: 1967-05-05 to 1967-11-21


This 35-mm film data set was generated at NSSDC, from 14 pages of computer printout supplied by the principal investigator. It contains values for molecular oxygen densities measured at selected occasions. The data are not time ordered. Included in the data set are the following: month, day, and universal time of the observation; geographic location;local solar time; magnetic location and time; and the molecular oxygen number density at 10-km intervals from 160 to 240 km. The number density is expressed in units of 1.E9 molecules/cc, and each value is followed by the instrument root mean square error expressed as a percentage. For a discussion about the data reduction techniques used, see the article by B. R. May, "Method of determining the density of thermospheric gases from measurements of solar UV light absorption at grazing-ray and near-vertical incidence," Planet. Space Sci., v. 19, n. 1, p. 27, 1971.

Alternate Names

  • Molecular Den Profiles, Mfilm


  • Earth Science: Atmospheric Chemistry


  • 67-042A-03B

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