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Molecular Oxygen Smoother Voltage Output


Availability: Data Accessible Elsewhere

Time span: 1967-05-05 to 1968-01-12


This data set, provided by the principal investigator, contains molecular oxygen measurements on a BCD magnetic tape written on an IBM 7094 computer. The tape contains these oxygen measurements for all sunrise and sunset periods during which data were taken, for the epoch May 5 to November 21, 1967, and for selected times up to January 12, 1968. The tape also contains some measurements for passes when the spacecraft was in darkness, or in full sunlight. The tape is headed "Ariel 3 Met Data," followed by files of data (in Fortran). The first block of each file contains the year, day number (January 1, 1967, is day number 1), hour, and ground station code number, followed by zero. This file heading block is followed by a series of data blocks, each containing 30 records. Included in the data records, are universal time, location of the spacecraft, location of the oxygen measurement, and the mean sensor signal (averaged over three satellite rotations) in volts. It should be noted that the overall accuracy of the data is greatest during the first 10 days of the investigation. After this period, the instrument sensitivity deteriorated rapidly, and the data became of considerably poorer quality. After mid-November 1967 the sensors had decayed so much that the usefulness of the data is highly questionable. A method for deducing molecular oxygen profiles from these data is given in K. H. Stewart and P. J. L. Wildman, "Preliminary results of molecular oxygen observations from the Ariel III satellite," Proc. Roy. Soc. A., v. 311, p. 591, 1969.

Alternate Names

  • Molecular Oxygen Volt Output


  • Earth Science: Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Space Physics: Thermospheric Studies


  • 67-042A-03A

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NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Dr. Kenneth H. StewartGeneral ContactMeteorological Office

Selected References

  • Wildman, P. J. L., et al., The meteorological office experiment in Ariel 3, Radio Elect. Engin., 35, 97-101, doi:10.1049/REE.1968.0021, Feb. 1968. A68-21549.
  • Stewart, K. H., and P. J. L. Wildman, Preliminary results from the meteorological office on Ariel 3, Nature, 219, 714-715, doi:10.1038/219714a0, Aug. 1968.
  • Ariel 3 symposium, Proc. of Ariel 3 Symp., Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md., May 22-23, 1968
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