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Global Daily Nephanalysis of Satellite Cloud Observations


Availability: Data Accessible Elsewhere

Time span: 1963-12-21 to 1965-08-31


This data set consists of published indexes to the available cloud pictures. A digital index arranged chronologically lists geographic areas coded by ocean or continent areas, data pass mid-point time, and an indication of some meteorological features which were identified in the pictures. A map index is included (usually one map per day) which graphically outlines areas photographed. Contained within each outline is a standard nephanalysis prepared from the photography, which may have limited usefulness for research. All areas are keyed to orbit number in the digital index. No data occur poleward of 65 deg latitude. Polar and Mercator projections are used, as appropriate. This index and the photography indexed may be obtained from NOAA-NCC, Asheville, NC. The index is on file and available for use at NSSDC. It may be available at some specialized or larger libraries as U.S. Dept of Commerce, Weather Bureau "Catalog of Meteorological Satellite Data - TIROS VIII TV Cloud Photography (Key to Meteorlogical Records Documentation No. 5.38, parts 1, 2, and 3)."

Alternate Names

  • Daily Neph Maps of Sat Cld Obs


  • Earth Science: Atmospheric Dynamics


  • 63-054A-01A

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Mr. W. H. PlewData ProviderNOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service
Mr. W. H. PlewGeneral ContactNOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service
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