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MFR Total Ozone Grid Point Data


Availability: Data Accessible Elsewhere

Time span: 1979-06-17 to 1980-02-06


The gridded ozone data are archived on magnetic tape in blocks of 9380 ASCII characters, with each block containing 20 records of 469 characters. An ozone grid point value is expressed to the nearest tenth of a m-atm-cm. Each file on a tape represents the gridded data for 1 calendar day, beginning at 0000Z Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). A file may contain as many as four grids, one for each of the DMSP block 5D-1 satellites. The grid in each hemisphere is a 67 x 67 rectangular matrix of points superposed on a polar stereographic map base.

Alternate Names


    • Earth Science: Atmospheric Chemistry
    • Earth Science: Atmospheric Dynamics

    Old NSSDCA IDs

    • 76-091A-02B
    • 77-044A-02B
    • 78-042A-02B
    • 79-050A-02B

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