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16-mm Color Cloud Motion Movies for November 18, 1967


Availability: Data Accessible Elsewhere

Time span: 1967-11-18 to 1967-11-18


This 16-mm full color, silent film was produced for NASA by Professors Verner E. Suomi and Robert J. Parent of the University of Wisconsin, and Prof. Tetsuya Fujita of the University of Chicago. The movie consists of approximately 30 minutes showing time of both full earth disc and sector close-up film sequences of cloudcover conditions observed by the ATS 3 Multicolor Spin Scan Cloud Camera (MSSCC) experiment. The film sequences were taken on November 18, 1967, while the spacecraft was positioned near 49 deg W longitude. The full disc film sequence and the sector close-ups produced from it are made up of individual pictures requiring approximately 20 minutes of scan time to produce. In general, a single day of observations (10 hours of view time) yield about 32 individual pictures. Since a single sequence ofpictures has a showing time of 2 sec or less, each sequence is repeated 4 to 5 times to allow for interpretive viewing. The upper-level wind field is revealed through the cloud motion depicted in these short film sequences. In addition to full disc and sector close-ups the movie also has some individual local close-ups of cloud patterns over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Northern Africa, Peru, Brazil, Easter Island and along the intertropical convergence zone between South America and Africa. Superimposed on these local film sequences are geographic grids. This movie (NASA release no. 68-713) may be viewed at NSSDC and is available for distribution at cost through the National Audio-Visual Center, Suitland, MD.

Alternate Names

  • 16-mm Color Cloud Motion Movies
  • 16-mm Silent Film - NASA Release No. 68-713
  • NASA Release No. 68-T13, ATS 3 Color Movies of Earth


  • Earth Science: Atmospheric Dynamics


  • 67-111A-01A

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NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Mrs. G. JohnstonData ProviderNational Audio-Visual Center
Dr. Robert S. ParentData ProviderUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Dr. Robert S. ParentGeneral ContactUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Prof. Tetsuya T. FujitaGeneral ContactUniversity of Chicago
Dr. Verner E. SuomiGeneral ContactUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
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