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Catalog of Meteorological Satellite Data-ESSA 5 Television Cloud Photography


Availability: Data Accessible Elsewhere

Time span: 1967-06-01 to 1968-09-03


This data set consists of published indexes to the available cloud pictures. A digital index arranged chronologically lists orbit number and track or swath number (a function of equatorial crossing latitude), along with time of first picture and subsatellite location of each 12 pictures in each swath. A map index showing both hemispheres, once a day, computer produced and gridded, serves as the basic data index. With one exception, these maps are computer produced composite mosaics for a relatively fixed local solar time. The exception is the index from January to April 1968, in which mosaics are made of individual pictures. Continental outlines were added after September 7, 1967, except the interval from January to April 1968. The best pictures from any 3 satellites were used, but users may determine which pictures were included by referring to orbit numbers in the tabular index (ESSA 3 numbers are generally about 2500 > those of ESSA 5, and ESSA 5 about 6000 > ESSA 7). These printed maps are clear and complete enough to have potential utility for research. These indexes and the photography may be obtained from NOAA-NCC, Asheville, NC. The indexes are on file and available for use at NSSDC. They may be available at some specialized and larger libraries, listed as U.S. Dept of Commerce, ESSA, EDS "Catalog of Meteorological Satellite Data - ESSA (ESSA 5 and ESSA 7) TV Cloud Photography (Key to Meteorological Records Documentation No. 5.313 through 5.319)."

Alternate Names

  • Catalog of AVCS Cloud Photography


  • Earth Science: Atmospheric Dynamics


  • 67-036A-01A

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