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Lunar Retro-Reflector Lure 2 Ephemeris Data


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)


These Lure 2 ephemeris data are on binary magnetic tape created on a UNIVAC 1108 computer. The tape contains two information records at the beginning followed by data records. The first record contains 24 words describing the general nature of the information on the tape. The second record contains the number of bodies on tape (10), initial and final Julian date for which data are provided, step size of the logical data record (8.0 days), and 10 pairs of numbers. The first number of the pair denotes the body in increasing order out from the sun (a zero for lunar data) and the second is the step size provided for the data. The data records contain the Julian date of the start of record, planetary positions and velocities (heliocentric equatorial rectangular frames of 1950.0 expressed in units of au (Angstrom units) and au/mean solar day), lunar positions and velocities (geocentric equatorial rectangular reference frame of the mean equator and equinox of 1950.0 expressed in units of earth radii and earth radii (mean solar day), and mutation parameters in radians.

Alternate Names

  • Lure 2 Ephemeris


  • Planetary Science: Celestial Mechanics


  • 73-001A-01A

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Dr. James G. WilliamsData ProviderNASA Jet Propulsion
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