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Jupiter Plasma Summary Data (S3 Coor)


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)

Time span: 1979-03-02 to 1979-03-16


These combined magnetometer and plasma data in System 3 coordinates are on binary magnetic tape created on an IBM 360 computer. These standard label tapes contain variable blocked records consisting of four distinct types of records: header, magnetometer science, plasma science, and engineering. The header records contain spacecraft identification (ID), time of data, time of run, and tape ID information. The magnetometer records contain 48-s, 9.6-s and 1.92-s averages of the field in System 3 coordinates, 48-s averages of the field in spacecraft coordinates, and 40 words of Supplemental Experiment Data Record (SEDR) data. The plasma science data consist of plasma flow velocity (speed, and 2 angles), proton number density and temperature, 256 words of raw data, and 50 words of SEDR data. These science records are preceded by a variable-length engineering record containing a value and readout time of the data in seconds past time on record header block. All of the data records are preceded by a 32-word common header block identifying the record type. Since data from two experiments are contained in this data set, it is listed under two ID numbers, viz. 77-084A-05B, and 77-084A-06B.

Alternate Names

  • Jupiter Plasma Summary Data (S3)


  • Planetary Science: Fields and Particles


  • 77-084A-05B
  • 77-084A-06B

Additional Information



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Prof. Herbert S. BridgeData ProviderMassachusetts Institute of Technology
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