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Availability: Archived at NSSDC, accessible from elsewhere

Time span: 1995-12-07 to 2003-09-21


This description was generated automatically using input from the Planetary Data System.

Data Set Overview ================= This data set contains instrument packet files (IPFs) from the Plasma Science experiment (PLS) onboard the Galileo spacecraft during the Jupiter orbital operations phase. This data set is a very raw, binary form. It is archived for completeness only. There is another PDS data set (GO-J-PLS-3-RDR-FULLRES-V1.0) that contains all of the plasma detector counts in a form that is much easier to work with. The primary advantage of this data set is that it contains instrument housekeeping and engineering data in addition to the counts. Parameters ========== The packetized telemetry files for the PLS instrument are described by the Galileo project document '625-205 GLL-3-280 Phase 2: Telemetry Measurements and Data Formats, Appendix A'. This document is included in the DOCUMENT/PROJECT/GLL3_280 directory of all PDS data volumes that include files from this data set. The parameters include both analog housekeeping values and digital data. Processing ========== These data have been processed only by the Galileo ground data system (GDS). The telemetry packets associated with the PLS experiment have been separated from other telemetry packets by the GDS. In addition, there has been some effort to correct packet header problems associated with telemetry dropouts by the GDS. Ancillary Data ============== Each data volume contains a set of as-run spacecraft event files. These files collect all of the uplink and downlink commands to the spacecraft that affect the PLS instrument. These files are located in the DATA/AR_SEF directory of the data volume that contains the PLS data files. In addition, calibration tables and a calibration document have been included with this archive, primarily in support of the RDR data product mentioned above. Coordinate System ================= Data are provided in PLS instrument coordinates. Please refer to the instrument description paper [FRANKETAL1992] for a description of the instrument mounting, detector fields of view, and spin phase sectoring. PLS packets contain information about the spacecraft spin phase that allows sectors to be computed. Software ======== There are no software provided with this archive. Media/Format ============ These data are archived on CDROM. The data files are in a complex binary format described by the GLL 3-280 document described above. Data files are described by detached PDS minimum labels.

These data are available on-line from the Planetary Data System (PDS) at:

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  • Planetary Science: Fields and Particles

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