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Low-Band and High-Band Dynamic Spectra Plots, Jupiter (Digitized)


Availability: Data Identified but not Received

Time span: 1977-08-20 to 1979-12-31


This collection consists of digitized microfilm frames containing plots of low- and high-band dynamic spectra. The time spans for Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 low-band spectra are 1977-09-05 to 1979-12-31 and 1977-08-20 to 1979-12-31, respectively. The high-band spectra from both spacecraft span 1979-02-01 to 1979-04-29.

The date (ymmdd or yymmdd) and the spacecraft (Voyager 1 or 2) are displayed on the right-hand side of each plot. The plot consists of four panels. The first panel has no identifier; the second is labeled T (total power), the third R (right-hand polarization power), and the fourth L (left-hand polarization power). The vertical axis for each panel represents the frequency with the first tick mark equal to 0.25 MHz and each tick mark increasing by 0.25 MHz up to 1.25 MHz (the frequency increases in the downward direction). The horizontal axis represents spacecraft event time where each tick is equal to 1 hour. In the lower three panels (T, R, and L) the darkness is proportional to the logarithmic intensity of the signal above a computed background. The lower two panels represent the frame averages of R and L measurements. The sum of these two is shown in the T panel. Their difference gives the polarization sense displayed in the top panel (unlabeled), where white (black) represents a dominance of right-hand (left-hand) polarization. Supporting documentation with a more thorough data description is containing in the beginning frames of the data set.

The original plots were hardcopies produced by the experimenter on a 12-inch Versatec electrostatic plotter with 200 dots/inch resolution. The NSSDCA microfilmed those hardcopy plots along with supporting documentation.

For this digitization effort the NSSDCA scanned the source microfilm reel containing collections PSFP-00060, PSFP-00110, and PSFP-00173 at a resolution of 400 dots per inch and output each frame on the film as one TIFF file. The NSSDCA also combined groups of these TIFF images into multipage PDF files to facilitate browsing. Both formats are included in this collection.


  • Planetary Science: Fields and Particles
  • Astronomy: Radio

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