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Pioneer 11 Jupiter Trapped Radiation Data Summary Files, ASCII


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)

Time span: 1974-11-25 to 1974-12-09


This data set was created at the NSSDCA by converting the binary data set (PSFP-00010) to ASCII. The ASCII files contain the same content as the original binary files except that the block control bytes are removed and instead a record number is added as first column. In addition, two header records are added to the ASCII files: the first header record identifies the original binary Word number associated with a data column and the second header record names each column.

The Jovian trapped-radiation data obtained by the University of California at San Diego are on binary magnetic tape recorded on a CDC 3600 computer from raw data tapes using a reduction program. The tapes were supplied by the experimenter. Each 300-word (48 bits/word) record contains one complete data summary (108 s each), along with associated information, including satellite number; mode of reduction; time and date; bit rates; and pulse, electrometer, and trajectory data.

Alternate Names

  • Encounter Data Summary Files


  • Planetary Science: Fields and Particles

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Questions and comments about this data collection can be directed to: Dr. Young-In Won



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Dr. R. Walker FilliusGeneral ContactUniversity of California, San
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