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Lunar Sounder Record Data on 70-mm B/W Film


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)

Time span: 1972-12-11 to 1972-12-16


This data set consists of 70-mm filmed plots of VHF data at a frequency of 150 MHz using the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan Precision Optical Processor Facility. The VHF system was designed for shallow sounding and for surface imaging. Chirped pulses were transmitted at a rate of 2000 pulses per sec. The VHF image was produced with an azimuth demagnification of 3.42. The frequency-plane aperture was set so that a 10-m slant-range resolution and a 60-m azimuth resolution were archived. The film scale parameters are 1.46 mm per sec along the film and 7.14 x 10 to the 5 mm per sec across the film. Time ticks occur every 9 sec or 45 mm along the signal film. Locations can be determined by measuring from the breaks in the data when the sounder was turned on and off. See table 1 in data set 72-096A-04D. A holographic viewer is required to interpret the data on these plots. Due to instrument variations, different viewers could give results which don't agree with each other.

Alternate Names

  • Lunar Sounder Data Plots VHF


  • Planetary Science: Geology and Geophysics


  • 72-096A-04A

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