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Scanned Version of Digitally Processed 35-mm Negative Photography


Availability: Data Identified but not Received


This collection contains digital scans of a set of Surveyor 1 photographs, NSSDCA data collection PSPG-00261. The original photographs were digitally processed from the image data received from the Surveyor 1 television camera, see below for more details on the procedure used to create the photographs. These photographs were manually scanned to produce digital versions for this data collection.

The original data set consists of 178 selected photographs on 35-mm first generation negative film. They were processed by analog-to-digital conversion of data transmitted by the spacecraft. There are 88 negatives from the deblock and register (d+r) program and 90 from the Sine Wave Response Filter (SWRF) program. The D+R program adapts the analog-to-digital conversion output to a form more easily adaptable to processing operations. The output consists of 600 digital records on written magnetic tape at 800 bpi representing 600 picture lines. Each record normally contains 684 characters corresponding to the picture elements (pixels) within a line. This image is digitized only. The SWRF program is applied to the raw image and restores high-frequency data (fine detail in picture) both in the horizontal direction along the camera scan lines and in the vertical direction. Pictures processed by SWRF will appear noisier than the original but will be much sharper.


  • Planetary Science: Geology and Geophysics

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