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Results from Meteoroid Experiment for Saturn


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This data set consists of published documents by the principal investigator and co-investigators for the Meteoroid Detector Experiment on Pioneer 11 at Saturn, and it constitutes the only data submission to NSSDC from this experiment. There are three documents: (1) Humes, D. H., "Impact of Saturn Ring Particles on Pioneer 11," presented at the AGU meeting, Dec. 3-7, 1979, San Francisco, CA; (2) Humes, D. H., et al., "Impact of Saturn Ring Particles on Pioneer 11," Science, v. 207, pp. 443-4, 1980; and (3) Humes, D. H., "Results of Pioneer 10 and 11 Meteoroid Experiments: Interplanetary and Near-Saturn," J. Geophys. Res., v. 85, n. A11, pp. 5841-52, 1980. Data presented in these documents are plots of (1) Saturn radial distance vs time from periapsis for channels 0 and 1, (2) number of impacts vs semi-major axis (a), (3) ratio of impacts (3-50 Saturn radii) to number of impacts (less than 3 Saturn radii) vs the semi-major axis (a), (4) altitude above ring-plane vs time from ring plane crossing, (5) probability of impact vs particle diameter, (6) ratio of effective area to actual area vs angle from spin axis, (7) cells penetrated vs time from launch, for Jupiter and Saturn, (8) Saturn distance vs time from periapsis, (9) penetration flux vs heliocentric range showing Jupiter and Saturn fluxes, (10) eccentricity vs inclination, (11) penetration flux vs heliocentric range, (12) log penetration flux vs heliocentric range for various inclination distributions, (13) penetration flux vs heliocentric range, and (14) ratio of near-Jupiter flux to interplanetary flux vs eccentricity. These documents have been microfiched together on the same data set as 72-012A-04A and 73-019A-04A, which contain data from near Jupiter from Pioneer 10 and 11.

Alternate Names

  • Meteoroid Exp Results at Saturn


  • Planetary Science: Small Bodies


  • 73-019A-04B

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