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Index of Jupiter Images


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This data set consists of the index of the photos obtained on the Pioneer 11 flyby of Jupiter on December 4, 1974, from the Imaging Photopolarimeter (IPP). The parameters provided are (1) the imaging sequence nunber, (2) mid-time of the exposure, (3) range of the spacecraft from the planet, (4) pixel size of the footprint on the planet's surface, from which resolution can be derived, (5) phase angle, (6) latitude, and (7) longitude of the center of the disk in both systems I and II. The numbering decreases until closest approach and is preceded by the letter C. After closest approach, the numbering increases and is preceded by the letter D. Therefore, C numbers indicate approach and D numbers denote recession. These are on the same roll as data set 72-012A-07J.

Alternate Names


    • Planetary Science: Atmospheres
    • Planetary Science: Small Bodies
    • Astronomy: Visible
    • Planetary Science: Geology and Geophysics


    • 73-019A-07L

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