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Meteoroid Environment Data for Jupiter


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)


This data set consists of published documents by the principal investigator and co-investigators on the Meteoroid Detector experiment on Pioneers 10 and 11 at Jupiter, and constitutes the only data to be deposited at NSSDC. There are five papers: (1) Humes, D. H., et al., "Cosmic Dust Encountered by Pioneers 10 and 11" a paper presented at the 1973 AGU meeting; (2) Kinard, W. H., et al., "Interplanetary and Near-Jupiter Meteoroid Environments: Preliminary Results from the Meteoroid Detector Experiment;" Science, v. 183, n. 4122, p. 321, 1974; (3) Humes, D. H., et al., "The Interplanetary and Near-Jupiter Meteoroid Environments," J. Geophys. Res., v. 79, n. 25, 1974; (4) Humes, D. H., et al., "Pioneer 11 Meteoroid Detection Experiment: Preliminary Results," Science, v. 188, n. 4187, p. 473, 1975; and (5) Humes, D. H., "The Jovian Meteoroid Environment, in Jupiter," edited by T. Gehrels and M. S. Matthews, U. of Ariz. Press, Tucson, Arizona, pp. 1052-67, 1976. In these documents, data that are presented are plots of (1) cells penetrated vs time from launch for various thicknesses of cells, (2) penetration flux vs distance from sun for Explorer 23 and Pioneer 10, (3) spatial density vs sun distance, for assumed circular and elliptical orbits for Pioneer 10 data, (4) number of cells punctured vs time after instrument turned on for Pioneer 10, (5) interval between penetrations vs time from periapsis for Pioneer 10, (6) distance from Jupiter vs time to periapsis for Pioneer 10, (7) penetration flux vs distance from Jupiter for Pioneer 10, (8) average impact speed vs distance from Jupiter for Pioneer 10, (9) ratio of effective area to actual area vs distance from Jupiter for Pioneer 10, (10) spatial density vs distance from Jupiter and from channel 0 for Pioneers 10 and 11, (11) log cumulative spatial density vs log mass at 5 AU, (12) calculated log cumulative flux vs log mass into the Jovian atmosphere, and (13) pressure vs meteoroid mass. These documents have been microfiched onto one data set, which is also listed under NSSDC ID 72-012A-04A. This same data set also contains Pioneer 11 data from near Saturn, which is described under NSSDC ID 73-019A-04B.

Alternate Names

  • Meteoroid Environment Data/Jup


  • Planetary Science: Small Bodies


  • 73-019A-04A

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