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International Halley Watch (IHW) Addenda Data Collection (PDS)


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This data set contains addenda data for the International Halley Watch Archive coordinated by the PDS Small Bodies Node. The collection gathers additional material for the study of Comets Giacobini-Zinner (GZ) and Halley. Six groups of data are included in these 2 data set volumes: 1) GZ data from the ion composition instrument (ICI) on the International Cometary Explorer (ICE/ISEE-3) ; 2) GZ data from the Ultra Low Energy Charge Analyzer (ULECA) on ICE/ISEE-3 ; 3) Earthbased data from the infrared photometry (IRPHOT) subnet of the IHW ; 4) Earthbased corrected Near Nucleus Studies Network (NNSN) images ; 5) Giotto Radio Experiment Data ; and 6) Earthbased comet outburst images from various observatories. The data files were submitted in both PDS and FITS form.

The first volume (HAL_1001) contains the first 5 data sets and a subset of the sixth, the outburst images, separated by date. The second volume (HAL_1002) contains the remainder of the outburst images. The GZ data from the ICI instrument on ICE/ISEE-3 (PDS Data Set ID ICE-C-ICI-3-RDR-GIACOBINI-ZIN-V1.0) consist of mass spectrometric measurements of ions in the coma of comet Giacobini- Zinner made on 11 September 1985. Arrays are composed of scans in velocity as the M/Q values is held constant. The GZ data from the ULECA instrument (ICE-C-ULECA-3-RDR-GIACOBINI-ZIN-V1.0) are energetic particle observations made with the University of Maryland/Max-Planck-Institut sensor during the encounter with comet Giacobini-Zinner from 9 to 14 September 1985. The IRPHOT data (EAR-C-IRPHOT-2-RDR-HALLEY-ADDENDA-V1.0) comprise 2204 earthbased infrared photometry observations of Comet Halley from 14 September 1984 through 8 April 1988. These data are a series of tables that supplement the earlier Halley data taken by the IRPHOT network. The NNSN images (EAR-C-NNSN-3-EDR-HALLEY-ADDENDA-V1.0) are replacement data for corrupted images taken from 4 April 1986 through 14 April 1986. The Giotto Radio Experiment data (GIO-C-GRE-1-RDR-HALLEY-ADDENDA-V1.0) comprise the TDF (Tracking Data File) and ODR (Original Data Record) files included to supplement the Giotto radio science data. The earthbased outburst images (EAR-C-CCD-3-EDR-HALLEY-OUTBURST-ESO-V1.0, EAR-C-CCD-EDR-HALLEY-OUTBURST-CT-V1.0, EAR-C-CCD-EDR-HALLEY-OUTBURST-UH are from European Southern Observatory, Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory, and the University of Hawaii Mauna Kea Observatory.

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  • Planetary Science: Small Bodies

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