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Data Set Overview ================= This data set contains the Philip Stooke shape models for small solar system bodies. These shape models are based on optical data and are distinct from the shape models based on radar observations which are included in a separate data set, EAR-A-5-DDR-RADARSHAPE-MODELS-V1.0. Other optical shape models prepared by Peter Thomas are also available in PDS data set EAR-A-5-DDR-SHAPE-MODELS-V2.1. The current version of this data set contains shape models for 243 Ida, 951 Gaspra, comet Halley, J5 Amalthea, N7 Larissa, N8 Proteus, S10 Janus, S11 Epimetheus, S16 Prometheus, and S17 Pandora. Parameters ========== The shape models consist of a grid of body-centered latitude and longitude with a radius listed for each grid point. Coordinates are planetocentric, increasing to the west. West is defined as being to the left when north is up, regardless of the rotation direction of the body. North is defined as the pole on the north side of the invariant plane of the solar system. (These are the cartographic coordinate system definitions approved by the IAU's Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates, reported in Seidelman, et al. 2002) [SEIDELMANETAL2002]. Radii are given in kilometers. Uncertainties are highly variable from place to place, depending on locations of limb profiles used to create the models. Thus, the data format cannot reflect the accuracy of the radii and there may be more decimal places given than are significant. An estimate of uncertainties is provided in the data label where available. A full discussion of the uncertainties of the models is available in the published papers. Further details are given in the relevant published papers. Seidelmann, P.K., Abalakin, V.K., Bursa, M., Davies, M.E., de Bergh, C., Lieske, J.H., Oberst, J., Simon, J.L., Standish, E.M., Stooke, P.J. and P.C. Thomas. 'Report of the IAU/IAG Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements of the planets and satellites: 2000.' Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, v. 82, 83-100, 2002. [SEIDELMANNETAL2002]

These data are available on-line from the Planetary Data System (PDS) at:

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