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This description was generated automatically using input from the Planetary Data System.

Data Set Overview

This data set contains the digital numbers (DN) contained in the telemetry (TM) packages of the VIR-IR instrument on board of the spacecraft DAWN. The data are from the cruise phase from launch to Vesta (Sep 2009-May 2011), and Vesta to Ceres (Sep 2012-Dec 2014). The data in this dataset are stored in 3-D files (spatial, spectral, time) referred to as cubes. These data were not acquired to do science. Their function was to determine the instrument alignment early in the mission and then to periodically verify the functionality of the instrument and exercise various mechanisms including the cryocooler, etc.

Required Reading

The format of all VIR data are described in detail by the SIS document located in the /DOCUMENT directory. VIR team strongly recommends reading this documentation before using the data.

VIR Cruise Observations

The following table contains a listing of VIR cruise calibrations ------------------------------------------------------------------------Dawn Cruise Calibration Observations -----------------------------------------------------------------------Start Mission Activity Activity Date Phase Name Description ========================================================================= 07-09-27 ICO ICO Begin Initial Checkout ------------------------------------------------------------------------07-10-17 ICO FUNC VIR Functional Test 07-12-11 ICO STAR_CAL 33 IR & VIS Cubes centered on Arcturus ------------------------------------------------------------------------08-01-19 EMC EMC Begin Earth-Mars Cruise ------------------------------------------------------------------------08-04-07 EMC CAL Full scan/slew cubes of Canopus & Mars ------------------------------------------------------------------------09-03-23 MVC MVC Begin Mars-Vesta Cruise ------------------------------------------------------------------------09-12-03 MVC GEOCAL Scan/slew cubes of Canopus (IR) to compute mounting geometry - unsuccessful 10-04-26 MVC GEOCAL Scan/slew cubes of Canopus (IR) to compute mounting geometry - unsuccessful 10-05-10 MVC MMConfig 6Gb memory configuration test 10-07-21 MVC GEOCAL Scan/slew cubes of Canopus (IR) to compute mounting geometry - succeeded 11-03-15 MVC FUNC Pre-Vesta VIR Functional Test -------------------------------------------------------------------------12-09-10 VCC VCC Begin Vesta-Ceres Cruise -------------------------------------------------------------------------12-12-17 VCC FUNC VIR Functional Test 13-11-16 VCC FUNC VIR Functional Test 14-06-23 VCC FUNC VIR Functional Test -----------------------------------------------------------------------------The first two geometry calibrations did not provide the data needed to determine the sensor alignments, primarily because the cubes acquired were not large enough to account for all of the pointing error and the targets were not observed. The ephemeris related pointing error can be especially large and unpredictable in a low thrust mission.


The data in this data set are raw, CODMAC Level 2 data. As such, no processes have been applied to the data.


The data are in PDS format. A detailed description of the data format is given in the VIR SIS document located in the DOCUMENT directory of this data set.

Ancillary Data

No ancillary data included in this data set.

Coordinate System

The geometry items SC_SUN_POSITION_VECTOR, SC_TARGET_POSITION_VECTOR and SC_TARGET_VELOCITY_VECTOR provided in the label of the data product are relative to the Earth Mean Equator frame of J2000.

These data are available on-line from the Planetary Data System (PDS) at:

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  • Planetary Science: Small Bodies

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Questions and comments about this data collection can be directed to: Dr. David R. Williams



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