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Plots + Listings of Beacon Amplitude Scintillation Due to Solar Wind Turbulence


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)

Time span: 1968-12-01 to 1973-01-01


These data consist of 79 records for each of two frequencies. Each record covers a 29.75 s period. Within each record, about 900 observations of signal strength are normally received at the spacecraft from the Stanford transmitter. These records were taken over a period of about 4 yr, i.e., from an earth-sun-Pioneer-angle (ESPA) of 358 deg around through conjunction (ESPA=360 deg) and occultation (ESPA=180 deg), to ESPA=333 deg. Records are most frequent near occultation, i.e., between ESPA=147 through 214 deg. These reduced and analyzed data are presented in four different formats. The first form is contained in one volume and consists of plots of signal intensity (dBm) vs time (measured from the beginning of each record). In this form there is one record per page. The second form is contained in a second volume. It is printed from computer listings and gives digital values of signal intensities shown in the plots. The third form consists primarily of four different analysis plots and a calculated scintillation index. An autocorrelation plot, using selected signal intensity observations from each record, is presented along with three different spectral plots. The last form consists of digital values used in these spectral analyses. They are included as listings subsequent to the spectral plots in the third volume. In addition to the observations already described, there are 14 additional amplitude calibration records included in the first volume in the same form as the data plots in that volume. The digital forms of the data described here are also available on tape (data set 68-100A-03F).

Alternate Names

  • Published Beacon Scint Obs


  • Space Physics: Heliospheric Studies


  • 68-100A-03E

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Dr. Thomas A. CroftData ProviderStanford
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