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Solar Wind Electron Moments (Density, Speed, Azimuth, Heat Flux, Temp.), 168-Sec


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Electronic Access

Time span: 1980-02-01 to 1992-06-01


This data set contains solar wind electron moments derived from measurements obtained by the Los Alamos experiment on ISEE-3/ICE. The time resolution is nominally 168 seconds; data in later years is at a lower time resolution due to the decreased telemetry rate. There is a data gap from 16 October 1982 to 23 December 1983, corresponding to the geotail phase of the mission. (The geotail period data are archived separately in data set 78-079A-01M). Each data record contains the date and time, the electron density (per cm**3), the bulk flow speed (km/s), the bulk flow azimuth (0 to +/-180 degrees; with zero degrees corresponding to anti-sunward flow and positive flow azimuths corresponding to flow towards dawn), the minimum and maximum total temperatures (Kelvins), the azimuth of maximum temperature (ranging from 0 to 180 degrees with 0 and 180 degrees corresponding to alignment with the sun-spacecraft line, and 135 degrees corresponding to the nominal Parker field spiral angle at 1 AU), the heat flux (ergs/cm**2-sec), and the heat flux azimuth (degrees; 0 and 360 = antisunward, 90 = toward dawn). The alignment of the maximum temperature azimuth with the magnetic field is usually within 15 degrees. About 2% of the time in the solar wind, the electron temperature maximum direction is aligned perpendicular to the magnetic field direction.

Solar wind electron moment data for the early part of the mission are in data set 78-079A-01N; solar wind proton moment data are in data sets 78-079A-01N and 78-079A-01P (bulk flow latitude only, at 5-minute resolution); merged plasma and magnetic field data for the geotail phase of the mission are in data set 78-079A-01Q; comet Giacobini-Zinner encounter electron data are in 78-079A-01N and also in 78-079A-01R. Except for the merged plasma and magnetic field geotail data set, these data sets do not contain any spacecraft position information. Values of ISEE-3/ICE position in GSE coordinates are included with the magnetic field data from JPL (data sets 78-079A-02D and 78-079A-02O). Spacecraft trajectory information for the comet encounter, also provided by JPL, are archived separately as data set 78-079A-00E.

Alternate Names

  • Sol. Wind Electron Mom. (168-sec)


  • Space Physics: Heliospheric Studies


  • 78-079A-01O

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