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24 Hour Corrected Cruise Count Rate Averages with Trajectory


Availability: Archived at NSSDC, accessible from elsewhere

Time span: 1973-04-06 to 1995-01-20


These experimenter-supplied, Jovian charged particle 24-h averaged cruise data are on binary magnetic tape created on a VAX 780 computer. The data have been corrected for temperature changes and for radioisotope thermal generator background, and merged with selected trajectory data. Each 920-byte record contains spacecraft ID; time in year, day of year, begin and end day fraction; data averaging time (1440 min); period type (24h); number of samples; corrected count rate averages (counts/s); standard deviations of corrected count rates; sums of corrected counts; number of errors in the interval; time past Jan. 1, 1950 (s); Earth-spacecraft, Earth-sun, and sun-spacecraft distances (AU); the celestial longitudes and latitudes and the heliographic latitudes of the Earth and of the spacecraft (deg); and the longitude of the solar equator + 270 deg. Each record contains a set of counts from 12 detectors or detector combinations. These yield information on 0.06- to 21-MeV electrons and 25- to 77.5-Mev protons; 0.55- to 21-MeV electrons and 6.6- to 77.5-MeV protons; 5- to 21-MeV electrons and 30- to 77.5-MeV protons; and electrons above 21 MeV and 31 MeV and protons above 77.5 MeV. Dates and times were specified with respect to Earth Received Time - UT.

Alternate Names

  • 24-Hr Corrected Cruise Avgs+Traj.


  • Space Physics: Heliospheric Studies


  • 72-012A-11C
  • 73-019A-11D

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Questions and comments about this data collection can be directed to: Dr. John F. Cooper



NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Prof. James A. Van AllenData ProviderUniversity of Iowa
Mr. Robert M. CandeyGeneral ContactNASA Goddard Space Flight
Dr. Bruce A. RandallGeneral ContactUniversity of
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