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5-Min Averaged Count Rates (Nonoverlap)


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)

Time span: 1967-05-24 to 1969-05-02


This data set consists of reduced cosmic-ray telescope counting rate data on a BCD magnetic tape written on an XDS 930 computer. The data are ordered by satellite orbit revolution number with 197 files. Each file contains counting rate data for one orbit. There are a variable number of physical records (each containing 57 33-word BCD logical records) per file. Each logical record contains the counting rates for the cosmic-ray telescope coincidence combinations that correspond to the following energy intervals for protons: 0.8 to 9.6 MeV, 9.6 to 18.8 MeV, 29.5 to 94.2 MeV, and 94.2 to 170 MeV. The counting rates are averaged over 15 sequences (about 5 min) and based on good nonoverlap data. The electron telescope counting rates for the energy interval 80 keV to 450 keV are also included, along with time and distance of the satellite from the earth.

Alternate Names

  • 5-Min Avg Count Rates(Nonoverlap)


  • Space Physics: Heliospheric Studies


  • 67-051A-03D

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Selected References

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