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24-Hr Magnetic Field Summary Plots on Microfiche


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)

Time span: 1977-10-22 to 1983-04-22


This microfiche consists of summary plots of measured magnetic field components and resultant magnitude (in GSM coordinates), averaged over 15 s, vs time. The frames use the ISEE 1 time scale and orbit number (magnetometer data 77-102A-04G). There are three 24-h frames for each orbit and 49 days on each fiche. The first frame is centered on the ISEE 1 perigee (perigee plot), the second frame ends at apogee (pre-apogee plot), and the third frame starts at apogee (post-apogee). This sequence continues for consecutive orbits. Correlative plots of magnetic field vs time, as well as standard deviations of B field using the ISEE 1 time scale, may be found in data sets 77-102A-04G (ISEE 1) and 77-102B-04D (ISEE 2).

Alternate Names

  • 24-Hr Mag Fld Summary Plots,Fiche


  • Space Physics: Magnetospheric Studies
  • Space Physics: Heliospheric Studies


  • 73-078A-01E

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Dr. Christopher T. RussellGeneral ContactUniversity of California, Los
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